Oposs "Rain" Novasard

Bard2/Sorcerer9 - Black in black eyes with silver pupils


The man, the myth…

  • Str 9(-1)
  • Dex 15(+2)
  • Con 12(+1) HP: 59
  • Int 12(+1)
  • Wis 10(+0)
  • Cha 20(+5)
AC 17 (+2 dex, +2 natural, +2 deflection, +1 size) Touch 15 Flat-footed 15
  • Spd 20 ft/x4
  • Init +2
  • Base Atk/Grapple +5/+0
  • Full Atk +8
  • +6 One-handed (1d3;19-20/x2, Masterwork dagger)
  • +10 Thrown (1d3-1;20/x2, Greater Masterwork Dart(Thrown)
  • Fort +4
  • Ref +8
  • Will +9
  • Appraise¹ +6
  • Concentration¹ +5
  • Craft (Alchemy)¹ +8
  • Craft (Poison Making)¹ +6
  • Knowledge (arcana) +15
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering) +2
  • Knowledge (geography) +2
  • Knowledge (the planes) +2
  • Perform (Comedy) +6
  • Perform (Harmonica) +6
  • Profession (Herbalist) +2
  • Ride¹ +3
  • Spellcraft +17
  • Combat Casting
  • Spell Focus Evocation
  • Greater Spell Focus Evocation
  • Night Haunt
  • Improved Toughness
Special Abilities
  • Bardic Knowledge
  • Bardic Music
  • Countersong
  • Fascinate
  • Inspire Courage

An eerie appearance, Rain’s eyes are completely black. When you look into his eyes you notice no light reflects from them. The eyes themselves seem to have no surface and the pupils seem to be spheres of mercury floating in the shadows…

Rain, grew up in the slums of Westfall, at an orphanage known as the Wee Jas House. How he came to be there was a common occurance in Westfall: a cloaked figure knocked on the small wooden doors, handed a swaddled child to whomever answered, and then disappeared into the night.

How they gasped when they saw his eyes, and the strange Quicksilver-Blue tattoo on the right side of his face. Some in the orphanage wanted to dispatch the infant immediately, as he was clearly a devils off spring. The administrator saw something in him though, a spark. A light so bright, that Wee Jas himself would surely bring death to those that would bring harm to this child.

As they took this child in, to properly cloth and bath him a small amulet fell from his swaddling. Made from a metal that seemed to mimic the very element of the Quicksilver the alchemists in the markets used. It rippled when it was touched, and seemed to be the same stuff as his eyes. Written in Draconic were the words Oposs Novasard. Oposs was known to be the Draconic word for Rain, and it somehow fit. This amulet strangley disappeared the very night it was discovered, and Rain did not find this out until much later in his life. He is curious to find this lost relic, a clue from his past, but all attempts to research this have produced dead ends.

As a child, and even today, Rain has an uncanny knack for making those around him laugh. As if some universal scale knew his appearace would distance himself from his peers, his abilility to make other smile, was often a saving grace.

Rain is often troubled with images of his mother. He has know cogniscent memory of her, but he has always had an image of being torn away from her. This haunts him to present day.

Most recently, he got to experience death, only to be reincarnated as a Gnome…something he isn’t opposed too, but not used to yet.

Oposs "Rain" Novasard

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