Pizarro DeMontablon

Cleric 6/Prestige Paladin 3/Fist of Raziel 2


Pizarro DeMontablon Human Alignment: Lawful Good Cleric 6/Prestige Paladin 3/Fist of Raziel 2 STR: 16 (18) DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 11 WIS: 18 (20) CHA: 16 Hit Points: 100 AC: 25 Touch AC: 11 Flat Footed AC: 24 Saves: Fortitude: +13 Reflex: + 7 Will: +13 BAB: +9/+4 Initiative: +1 Speed: 20 feet Skills: Concentration: 13 (+19), Diplomacy: 5 (+10), Knowledge Arcana: 5 (+6), Knowledge Nobility: 5 (+6), Knowledge Planes: 5 (+6), Knowledge Religion: 10 (+11), Ride: 5 (+6), Spellcraft: 7 (+10) Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword, Combat Casting, Divine Might, Servant of Heaven, Power Attack Class Abilities: Turn Undead 6/day as 9th level Cleric (+2 from Knowledge Religion), Smite Evil 2/day (+3 attack and Damage), Lay Hands 18/day, Magic Circle as 1st level Caster, Detect Evil, Aura of Good, Divine Grace, Special Mount, Domain Smite 1/day (+4 attack, +6 damage), Domain Strength 1/day (+6 to STR for one round), Aura of Courage, Divine Health Weapons: Bastard Sword +2: +14/+9 1d10+6 19-20/x2

MW Comp. Short Bow: +10/+5 1d6+4 20/x3 70ft.

MW Heavy Mace: +13/+8 1d8+4 20/x2

MW Lance: +13/+8 1d8+4 20/x3 double damage when used in a mounted charge

Armor: Full Plate +2 Heavy Shield +1 Light Fortification, Darkwood

Items: Potion of Neutralize Poison, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Energy Resistance: Acid, Potion of Nondection, Remove Disease Scroll, Remove Curse Scroll, Parapet of Wisdom (+2 to WIS), Belt of Priestly Might

Casting: Caster Level: 9 Domains: Strength and Destruction

Level/Save DC/per day: 0/15/6, 1st/16/6, 2nd/17/5, 3rd/18/4, 4th/19/3 5th/20/2


Pizarro “El Rojo” DeMontablan, was born the fourth son to the Vice-Roy Calison DeMontablan of the Holy Nation of Cutberthia. With little hope of claiming the family title and the accompanying wealth, Pizarro focused his energies on the Exalted Church of Cutberto and knighthood, both appropriate endeavors for an unlanded son of noble lineage. Both paths appealed to him and he sought out training in both, despite intense pressure to choose a single career (mostly based on the political nature of both careers, which required expensive “donations” to the appropriate institutions and high placed individuals by Vice-Roy DeMontablan), Pizarro pushed on. He spent his formative years with the brightest clergy tutoring his soul and the most savage combatants honing his skill with a blade. Excelling at both like few others, Pizarro’s father’s gold earned the you DeMontablan a place as page and squire to Father Julion “Del Fiero” DeCatalina, a famed champion and holy scholar in the Church of Cutberto.

Soon after DeMontablan’s fourth son come under the tutelage of DeSanta Catalina, a prophecy came down through the Church. The great artifact of the era was on the verge of discovery. A massive expedition was mounted, with only a vague idea of the item they were to focus their search. Hopes were high for cities of gold, an arsenal of weapons powerful enough to smite the injustices that lurked outside of Santo Cutbertho’s Light and the holy standard that would march at the vanguard of Santo Cubertho’s Army as it wiped out the enemies of Law. And a legion of new converts to the faith wouldn’t hurt either. The optimism fitted and launched the three finest ships in church-state’s fleet. Their destination was an unknown land, foreseen in the prophecy. The leader of this bold expedition was Father Julion.

The new continent proved inhospitable and the natives were hostile to salvation at the hands of the Church. Despite the challenges laid before them, the faithful pushed on establishing Missions, developing resources to send back to Peloria and slowly gaining ground with the savage races in the unkown land, now known as New Cutberthia. The young DeMontablan lived up to his name, El Rojo, for both his blazingly pure faith in the Most Exalted Santo Cutberto and his willingness to spill the blood of those that would threaten the expedition. Missions were built by the new converts and their saviors and new territories were explored but the Great Treasure eluded them. The years wore on and the drudgery of converting the savages; teaching them to accept Cutbertho’s Glory, farming and the missionary position sapped the energy and enthusiasm of the Conquistadors. And the abundant gold and wealth that they prophecy promised never materialized. Support from the homeland fell off as an Inquisition found great corruption and evil lurking within the Church of Cutbertho and sought to ferret out those that would try to collapse the Righteous Church from within.

Eight years into the expedition disaster took the life of Father Julion. A group of converted catfolk balked when Del Fiero also lived up to his name and set fire to their blasphemous Temple of Ancestors after some of the shrine’s keepers balked at Julion donating the crystals that represented the pagan ancestors to the Church. In retaliation the catfolk managed to trap Julion De Santa Catalina’s soul in a crystal and smuggled the gem to parts unknown and all hope of resurrecting the Expedition’s Wondrous Leader has been lost.

Without bold vision and daring leadership of Father Julion, the Expedition faltered. The small supply of exotic goods they were able to send back to Cutberthia sputtered and demand in the homeland waned. The slow conversion process of the natives ground to a halt, with only the occasional soul accepting the Greatness of Santo Cuthertho and more giving into their savage natures and forsaking the Righteous Way that would save their souls. In the dozen intervening years since the martyrdom of San Julion (as he has become known) support for the expedition had disappeared. The last re-supply ship came to the colony 9 years ago. The last communication from the Arch-Bishop of Cutberthia came 7 years ago.

Pizarro has not lost his faith though. Now the head (only) Father in the desolate Mission San Cortez El Illustromillo (only two of the fourteen Missions have not been abandoned by the missionaries). The Mission De San Cortez has a small dedicated group of believers hailing from the Centaurs, Satyrs, Lizard-folk and an Ogre. The Halflings have been particularly difficult to bring to the light and the cat-folk have been demonized since their participation in the martyrdom of San Julion. Though he finds his contribution to the Mission fulfilling; DeMontablan has tired of the day to day administration of the frontier outpost. Managing crops, inventorying the stores, making the sacramental wine and saving the natives squanders many of Pizarro’s valuable skills. In the past few years one of the satyrs has show himself to be a particularly devout follower of Saint Cutbert and started picking up many of the duties in governance of the Mission. Now that Pablo De San Cortez (renamed from Bazo the Nymph Ravager) assumed much of the leadership responsibilities of the Mission, Pizarro DeMontablan sees his opportunity to take the hand-and-a-half-sword (passed down from his uncle, who served as a personal guard to the pope of Cutberthia) back down off the mantle and continue the quest for the Great Treasure has taken him far from his home and family.

Pizarro DeMontablon

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