Dez, Radezle, Shimara, Parue and others

Dez is an average looking indivual. Someone that doesn't stand out in a crowd. He wouldn't look out of place in a group of dwarves, or in a covey of elves, or with a gaggle of half orcs for that matter. He just seems to blend in where ever he goes.


Dez is a hardy sort (Con 17) and seems quite nimble as well (Dex 16) though not the strongest fella around (Str 10) but that’s what the tanks are for. He is smart enough to know better and wise enough to keep his head down (14 each) He likes to either be sneaking around out in the front using his Scouting abilities (Lvl 5 Scout) to help the party avoid danger or hanging out in the shadows being a danger to others and putting them out of his misery (Lvl 5 Assasin) For a Rogue type he is pretty much on the up and up (or at least seems to be) Though he is very task oriented and is a very need to know kind of guy. He prefers his Short Sword +3 to most other weapons…especially when it is enhanced with a little poison.


Dez is a bit of an enigma. He seems to have just appeared on the streets of Westfall some 5 or so years ago. Beyond that no one seems to know much of him. He keeps to himself and does his job. That seems to be what it is always about. The Job. Get it done and make it clean. That is how he was taught and that is how he likes it. No attachments no strings no…complications.

Dez, Radezle, Shimara, Parue and others

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