Barbarian 5/Fighter 4/Half Ogre 2

Hit Points 116 AC: 21 Touch AC: 12 Flat Footed AC: 21 Saves: Fortitude: +12 Reflex: +5 Will: +7 BAB: +9/+4 Grapple: +19

Weapons: Keen Falchion, +1 Heavy Mace, +1 Sling, +1 Dagger, Net

Armor: Mithral Breast Plate, Natural Armor

Equipment: Ring of Blinking, Boots of Striding, Silver Mask of Mind Armor, Devastation Gauntlets

Noteworthy Skills: Climb +19; Intimidate +16; Jump +30; Tumble +5

Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Power Attack, Cleave, Fleet of Foot, Iron Will

Race/Class Abilities: +4 Natural Armor, Fast Movement, Rage, Improved, Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense


Born to a human mother 10 months after a band of ogres raided the village. Mother’s husband was killed trying to defend her. No siblings or relatives. People not horrified by my appearance at birth, more disgusted and reminded of the terrible day when many villagers died.

Obviously stood out as a kid. Got made fun of but never got beat up. Wasn’t the smartest kid in the village but wasn’t stupidest. Was curious about my ogre roots. Learned their language from the village shaman because I wanted to make fun of the other children in a language neither they, nor other adults could understand.

Took advantage of my strength at a young age. I would challenge children (and adults) to contests like jumping ravines and pits, swimming the fastest sections of the river, or climbing the mountain cliffs. I loved to climb.

One day, I came home to find the village drunkard harassing my mother. In a fit of rage, I attacked him and before I could be stopped, he lay dead beneath me. My anger clouded my judgment but the village elders knew that it wouldn’t be the last time so I was banished.

I left the village with only the clothes on my back and an amulet of Erythnul that was given to me by the shaman who knew that it would be of importance in my life. I went to the city to seek out adventure and fortune. As a half ogre, I stood out in my village but blended-in somewhat in the city. Almost as soon as I entered the city gates, I was approached by the owner of the Singing Dervish; a somewhat upscale inn known in the area as one of the best gambling establishments. The owner was a good businessman and could tell that I was raised among somewhat educated people. My appearance, even at a young age, was intimidating. I was hired as the enforcer at the inn. In addition to a small salary, I was given a space to sleep in the barn behind the inn and was fed decently on the less-desirable scraps of food turned-down by the cooks. My boss told me when I needed to throw out some clever guy trying to count cards or switching the house dice for their own weighted set. Some guys tried to get rough. I got rough back. Some guys tried to skip out without paying. I took payment in teeth if I was in a good mood. My boss figured I was the man for the job twice over.

While working on a busy evening, I met a knight who was looking for someone to serve as a bodyguard for the king on an upcoming journey through the Forest of Endor to the settlement of Ulangon. He told me it would only take about a week of service and I would be rewarded handsomely for my assistance. I jumped at the chance for adventure and told the innkeeper about the offer who granted me a week off from my duties so I went with the knight to learn more of the noble task.

The knight had never worked with half races, let alone someone as large as an ogre but he didn’t waste time in getting me in some of the finest armor I had ever seen. I was given a beautiful falchion that obviously had some magical powers. I was also given a pair of the finest fitting boots I had ever put on. Granted, I had only wore boots once when I was a child but this new pair felt like I could float on air. Literally.

The journey went according to plan. We were attacked by a band of thieves but they were no match for my brute strength. The king witnessed me killing 4 men in two swings of my weapon and 2 others passing out from the mere sight of the battle. The battle had ended before the other knights and hired muscle had even drew their weapons. The king hired me as his personal protection; a duty previously reserved for a knight. I had access to things I had only dreamed of as a child. The royal tutor taught me Draconic in fear that the king would someday be attacked by the dragon that frequently attacked peasants in some of the outlying fields. I was trained by the knights in the ways of fighting and learned to use my strength to my advantage.

Then one day, the king asked me to accompany him to one of the peasant villages to observe the progress of an irrigation system they were building. A routine journey that went horribly wrong. We arrived at the village only to find it burning and what seemed the entire population dead or dying. Before we could assess the scene, we were attacked by the dragon. The king was killed instantly and half of his knights were left struggling to stay alive. Those who were still alive decided to run but the dragon quickly put an end to them. I was more mad than scared. The dragon turned and started flying toward me. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. Just before I was in range to strike, I yelled my battle cry “BUGGERNUTS!” in Draconic. The dragon stopped instantly and hovered in front of me obviously curious and confused at my sudden verbal outburst.

Without a word, the dragon flew off leaving me alone among the carnage. The king was dead and so were all of his knights. I was the only survivor…the only witness to the great battle. I knew I couldn’t return to the city. No one would believe me. No one knew how important I was to the king and like before, I was thrust into a world of being an outcast. I could only rely on myself and would have trouble trusting anyone.

I wandered in the frontier looking for odd jobs and the such for several months. I eventually encountered another adventurer named Pizarro who offered to continue my battle training and I would consider him a friend. Most of all, he believes in what I say and about my history with the noble cause. He has been on a crusade to convert some of the barbaric tribes to his religion. I think his religion is a bit hokey and I tell him that there is a reason I was given the amulet as a child and that I should serve Erythnul. Regardless, we make a good team and I like his stories. He probably thinks I’m a bit crude and ugly but he hasn’t complained too much when I’ve saved his skin on more than one occasion.


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