Monday Nights

March 17, 2008 (St. Patricks Day in Hell)

There always after me lucky charms!

Rain died, gets reincarnated back as a Gnome. Still quite devlishly handsome though. We kill Carrigan, a really smelly demon, and get some pretty cool loot. Everyone leveled!

The loot of ages, or rather of this dungeon:

From the front room
  • Silver Mask: Magic
  • Gloves: Magic
  • Masterwork Leather Armor
  • Masterwork Hand Crossbow: 2
  • 10 Vials Poison: split up between Dez and Rain
  • Masterwork Breastplate
  • Masterwork Shortsword
  • Light Mace
  • Light Crossbow
  • Vial: “Unknown”
From the back room
  • Masterwork Bandedmail
  • Large Steel Shield: MAGIC?
  • Longspear: MAGIC?
  • Heavy Mace: MAGIC?
  • Gloves: MAGIC?
  • Cloak: MAGIC?
  • Sandals Magic
  • Bracers: Magic
  • Periapt: Magic


Sweet summary. Good work to whomever put it together.


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